Stellar Pulsations

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Calculation of Stellar Pulsation Velocity Fields

When stars oscillate their surface moves as a spherical harmonic.This motion causes light to be Doppler shifted different amounts at different locations on the surface. We can use spectral line shapes to determine what the surface looks like while it is moving. These examples show the calculated line-of-sight velocity on the disk of a star and the spectral line shape variations caused by that velocity. A single oscillation period is shown in an infinite loop. If the picture loads incorrectly, please right-click on the picture and select "Open Image in New Window." Mac OS X seems to not load the animated GIFs correctly.

Below is a form to select the l, m, and i values and view the line profile and line of sight velocity for some pulsations.

Select Your Star
l m i Click
2 2 50
2 2 30
2 2 45
2 2 60
8 +6 50
8 -6 60

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