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Diabetes Books

ADA Guide to Insulin & Type 2 Diabetes
Awards and reviews

Diabetes Books

A Field Guide to Type 2 Diabetes
Awards and reviews

Diabetes Books

A Field Guide to Type 1 Diabetes (editor)
Awards and reviews

Diabetes Books

Fast Facts: Carb Counting Made Easy for People with Diabetes

Stellar Evolution Fast Facts: Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes: Fears, Myths, Truths
Stellar Evolution

Fast Facts: Insulina y Diabetes Tipo 2: ¿Cuál es la Verdad?

Stellar Evolution

Fast Facts: Keeping Your Heart Healthy Despite Diabetes


Awards and reviews for ADA Guide to Insulin & Type 2 Diabetes

“Contains information that is usually learned after years of clinical practice. It is an excellent resource for people with type 2 diabetes as well as the health care professionals who work with them.”
     – Geri Spollett, MSN, C-ANP, CDE

“ADA's Guide to Insulin & Type 2 Diabetes is thorough yet concise. The answers and explanations often come from people who know best: those with diabetes who have lived it, learned it, and are willing to share their firsthand experiences.”
     – Jason Iitz, PharmD, CDM

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Reviews of A Field Guide to Type 2 Diabetes


“Written very clearly, this is a straightforward, unemotional, comprehensive guide for both those newly diagnosed and those who have had diabetes for many years.”
     — Massachusetts General Hospital, Treadwell Library, Oct. 2004


“A Field Guide to Type 2 Diabetes is an excellent book for the patient or family member. It is even more valuable to the diabetes educator who is trying to explain in simple terms a very complicated disease to someone without a medical background.”

     — Bill Kearney, RPh, co-host of Health Talk, KXBX Radio, Lakeport, California


“This book delivers as advertised. The format is similar to a travel guide, which makes it easy to find the destination (or topic) of choice and go directly to it. Tables and charts allow for a quick reference to facts about laboratory tests or medications. The addition of a personal touch, such as comments from actual patients on topics taken from the ADA web site, give it a unique focus as compared to other diabetes fact books.”
“The Field Guide pays special attention to everyday issues that people with diabetes face, such as finding medical services or dealing with a doctor who is not very interested in diabetes. These are issues that it might take several years for a patient to address, especially if they don't attend diabetes classes or support groups. This is a comprehensive resource, written by well-known diabetes experts, which serves as a good beginner's guide to the nuts and bolts of diabetes.”

     —Ruth Mencl, MN RN CDE, book review in Voice of the Diabetic

“As a newly diagnosed diabetic I found this book to be the easiest to understand and most informative one I read. Everything was clearly written and I felt all pertinent topics were discussed.”

     —Customer review on


“A Field Guide To Type 2 Diabetes provides a fine resource covering everything from initial diagnosis to common complications.”

     —Midwest Book Review

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Awards and reviews for A Field Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

Silver Award from National Health Information Awards


“Published by the American Diabetes Association, A Field Guide To Type 1 Diabetes: The Essential Resource From The Diabetes Experts is a superbly organized presentation of fast facts about diabetes. All aspects of diabetes are accessibly rendered, including diagnosis and treatment; preventing complications; planning meals; sexual health; staying fit and healthy; dealing with emotions; and resources for diabetics. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, than acquire a copy of A Field Guide To Type 1 Diabetes—it will significantly enhance the quality and security of your life.”

     —Midwest Book Review

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Just Perfect

Small-cast, one-act play, 3f


Production History

“…hilarious… so outrageous it turns out to be more hysterical than sick, and political correctness again receives a thorough thrashing. But once more there are serious themes underneath and the actors do such a good job that it takes a while to realize McCarren is tweaking everything from PETA to the Terry Schiavo case here.”

     —David Cannon, arts critic, Montgomery County Sentinel, August 4, 2005